Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there. We’re Jo Bros.

Two chefs who roam Auckland serving sustainably built burgers, sides and organic sodas out of our funky 80s caravan. They’re like other burgers you’ve tried – just better.


We serve no-fuss, juice-and-cheese-running-down-your-hand type burgers that taste amazing. Call them “well-executed classics”.
Everything you eat at JoBros is locally sourced and sustainably produced. Seriously, a guy down the road called Adam makes our patties.

A good Cause

We care about the Kiwis we feed and the country we live in so we’re not only in this to serve incredible burgers.

We want to start a conversation around how food choices can affect people and the environment, and use good kai to support causes we care about.

Jo Bros. Eat good, feel good, do good.

Jo Bros Food

Our food is simple, but it ain’t basic.

Close to two decades of professional kitchen experience has made us detail-obsessed. We’ve hand picked every ingredient and fine-tuned our techniques to create burger perfection.

Using sustainable produce from small local suppliers doesn’t just make our burgers taste better. It means we’re not serving food containing nasty stuff like pesticides, unnecessary preservatives and additives.

You can taste the difference.

The Jo Bros story

Josh Barlow and Brody Jenkins met working in the kitchen of one of New Zealand’s top fine dining restaurants: The Grove, in Saint Patricks Square, Auckland City.

Josh had recently returned after spending seven years in London where he worked in the kitchens of a handful of Michelin-star restaurants. Brody had spent eight years in the kitchens at SKYCITY, as well as helping to launch Andy’s Burgers & Bar from concept to completion.

After a “very serious, all work, no play research” trip to the states, where Brody visited over 35 burger chains and restaurants in LA, Vegas & Arizona (Possibly making a quick stop to a 3 day music festival while in Vegas). He came up with a batshit crazy idea: launching his own burger food truck.

A year or so later, over a frosty pint at the Shakespeare, just down the road from The Grove, he mentioned the idea to fellow burger-enthusiast Josh Barlow, who replied:

“Let’s fucking do it”.

Since then Josh has been the executive chef of the Sugar Club, and him and Brody have made the Jo Bros idea into reality.

Not so crazy after all.

Our Cause

Jo Bros is also working with All Good, an awesome not-for-profit organisation starting a discussion about mental illness, using food as a way to bring people together. Mental health is a hot topic for the hospitality industry right now, and we’d like to do everything we can to address the negative points of working in a kitchen – or keep making noise until things change.



  • Friday June 12th
  • 5.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Eden Park drive through.
  •  Reimers Ave, Kingsland, Auckland.


  • Thursday, June 18th
  • 5.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Orewa pop up diner.
  • @DrifterCoffee, 3 George Lowe Place, Orewa.


  • Friday 19th & Saturday 20th
  • 5.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Click & Collect from our Bubble.
  • 7 Bernleigh Terrace, West Harbour, Auckland.



Want us to cater your event, find out more about what we’re up to, or get involved?

Get in touch, and let’s talk burgers.


Private Events

Events and parties are better when the food’s awesome. Whether you’re planning a 21st birthday, a staff shout or a wedding  – get in touch!

Jo Bros can roll up to wherever you are and serve our sustainably built burgers, sides & organic sodas.